Tunday Kababi – Lucknow

Doesn’t it feel great when you get to travel to a food paradise under the disguise of work? Well, I got to do that recently when I went for an event to Lucknow. Yes, the Land of Kebabs!

Thanks to some people like Adarsh Munjal (@TheBigBhookad), Sahil Wasudev (@laalfirangi) and Sumantra Ray (@UpjauDimaag), I got to sample the most delectable kebabs in the city. Here is my experience falling prey to gluttony at Tunday Kababi.

This place is legendary! The founder, Haji Murad Ali, gained popularity due to his melt-in-the-mouth kebabs. In Urdu, ‘tunda’ means ‘without an arm’ and that’s how Haji Murad Ali got his nickname. Despite having only one arm, he made the kebabs that everyone loved. It is he who first set up shop in the bustling Chowk area in Lucknow. Only after almost a century did his grandson Mohammad Usman move out and setup another outlet in Aminabad area in the mid 90’s. He wanted more and more people to know about his grandfather’s food and appreciate it.

Well, that’s the history bit. What I experienced there was something out of the world. What added to this was the cycle rickshaw ride through the narrow lanes. As I entered the Aminabad area, I could easily smell meat being cooked in one of the tiny lanes. Then, I finally saw the legendary Tunday Kababi tucked away in a corner lane.

I hopped off my rickshaw and walked into the dining area. It is very basic and you might have to share your table with other diners. You really wouldn’t mind it because once you taste the food, nothing else will bother you. We ordered for the Beef Kebabs with Roti and Roast Chicken.

I cannot remember the number of times we order for the same thing again and again. The kebabs are so soft and tender. This is because it is cooked only in ghee and they are not shy about it. It’s adequately spiced and maintains the integrity of the meat.

The Roast Chicken is well cooked and tossed in a nice chaat masala like masala. When served with sliced onions and green chutney, it is out of this world!

Next time you go to Lucknow, don’t miss out on the food here. You will thank me later.


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