Waterstones Bar & Grill

A few days ago, I visited The Waterstones Hotel to check out the Waterstones Bar & Grill. It is situated between Mumbai International Airport and The Leela. Tucked away in a little lane, this hotel has a very modern appeal to it. The Waterstones Bar & Grill is on the second floor of the hotel.

The restaurant wants to have a very natural feel to it. It is quite evident as you enter it. Once you get on the second floor, you walk out to the deck area. The hotel is constructed here overlooking a lush green garden. The entire colour scheme is around green. The interiors are minimal and fit well with the theme. A ceiling of (fake) green potted plants (hung upside down), add a very jungle like feel to it. This is something I haven’t seen before.

Let’s shift our focus on the food. I asked the chef to give a sample platter of the best food on their menu. Thus, I tried small portions of nearly 10 dishes.


Green Revolution

This was a very fresh and fruity drink. It’s quite nice to drink to enjoy on a hot day. Try it if you are into fruit flavoured drinks.

Puerto Rico Diva

It had a little too much white rum in it. However on the bright side, it has a nice fresh pear flavor.


Homemade bread with olive butter

This is a nice thing to start off with while you wait for your meal to arrive. The bread is homemade and toasted. The butter is flavoured with something new every week. The chef told me he has made herb butter previously. This week it was olive butter. It has a rich olive flavor which sort of prepares you for the meal ahead of you.

Vine Leaf Wrapped Grilled French Brie (with sweet onion jam, jalapeno relish) – Rs. 540*

This is their signature dish. Although I like vine leaf wrapped dishes, this was a little too rich for me. The onion jam was fine but the jalapeno relish didn’t do much to the dish. I wish there was a sour and spicy sauce of sorts which could cut through the brie wrapped in vine leaf.

Starter Platter (From left to right)

Grilled Arabian Sea Prawns (with an orange reduction) – Rs. 600*

The orange reduction is delicious! The spicy prawns go well with the sweet reduction sauce. I like the consistency of the sauce too. It coats the prawn well. A little disappointed with the way the prawn was cooked. A few more seconds on the grill and it would have been perfect.

Moroccan Harissa Marinated Fish Fingers (with corn relish and green pea hummus) – Rs. 390*

If you like spicy fish then you will like this dish. The fish is crisp on the outside and really luscious inside. The spicy Moroccan marinade adds that punch to the fish. The pea hummus was delicious. I wish I could pack in up and take it home with some pita bread. The corn relish seemed a little out of place on the plate.

Spanish Chicken Aioli Skewers (with fresh herb marinade) –             Rs. 360*

I definitely recommend this. The chef told me that the chicken is first soaked in milk and herbs. This makes the meat really tender. It’s amazing how tender it is! The aioli is made with milk, garlic and oil which make it super creamy.



Caesar Salad (with honey mustard chicken) – Rs. 450*

The leaves were fresh but not crispy enough. I like a little crunch on my salad. I found the dressing flavourful, but it was too thick for my liking. If they could thin it down, it would coat the leaves well. The chicken was really dry. I guess they sliced it way before getting served.


Smoked Tomato Soup (with herb essence) – Rs. 270*

This is one the best tomato soups I’ve had in a long time. It’s a simple tomato soup with herb essence. It has a lovely balance of flavours too. The cherry on top is the hickory wood smoked flavor. You can actually taste it! I recommend having the homemade bread with it.


Half Pounder Burger (with onion jam, crisp bacon, poached eggs and hand cut fried potatoes) – Rs. 570*

Another one of their signature dishes; I found the burger to be too dry yet oily at the same time. The patty is well done, thus loses the juicy goodness of the beef. The bacon was oily and not crisp.  The egg wasn’t poached well (mostly because he cut up the burger for me as I asked for half a portion). All this just added up to a dry burger. I would suggest them to serve the burger medium rare. Maybe that would make a huge difference. The potato fries were a little too oily for my liking.

Mains Platter (clockwise)

Prime New Zealand Lamb Rack (with tomato confit, roesti potatoes) – Rs. 2000*

The meat was well cooked and juicy. I would have liked to have a little bit of sauce on it. The lamb rack is quite fatty, so the sauce would help cut through it. The roesti was dry and bland. However, the tomato confit added some good acidity to it.

Vegetarian Moussaka (with eggplant and stringy cheese) – Rs. 450*

I was a little apprehensive about this because the chef told me that it is made with soya granules. However, when I tasted it, it blew me away! The tomato sauce was rich and flavourful. The eggplant was nicely cooked. The soya was coked really well and gave the moussaka a meaty texture. The cheese sauce added that creaminess which I loved. All in all, this was the highlight of the mains platter for me.

Tandoori Pink Salmon (with cumin tossed asparagus and candied shallots) – Rs. 1020*

I like how Indian spiced were used to marinate the pink salmon and later cooked in a tandoor. The delicate fish really absorbed the entire flavor and the tandoor added a nice smoky flavor to the dish too. I’d recommend this dish if you want something hatke.

Angolan Piri-Piri Spiced baby Lobster (with grilled polenta cakes) – Rs. 1050*

I love lobster! I really enjoy the delicate flesh. The thumb rule while cooking with lobster is DO NOT FLAVOUR IT TOO MUCH! The lobster itself has a delicious flavor. We don’t have to add bucketful of spices to it. This dish was actually ruined with all the piri-piri spice added to the lobster. I could barely taste the lobster flavor. The polenta cakes were alet down too. I hope the chefs at Waterstone make some changes to the dish.


Chocolate Lava Cake (infused with Madras Filter coffee and chikki ice cream) – Rs. 320*

I really enjoyed this dessert purely because of the insane flavor combination. The lava cake had a very intense Madras coffee flavour. It has a bitterness to it which is actually good. The chikki ice cream is really sweet and has real chikki in it. When had individually, the flavours are too strong. But when had it together, it is a delicious combination. The only drawback is that the cake wasn’t cakey enough. It was very very gooey.

I think the restaurant has a great menu. The dishes just need to be refined a little more. I’d like to visit the place after the rains. It has a deck area with a bar and grill which was closed due to the rains.

Waterstones Bar & Grill
Sahar Airport Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400058


*Rates are exclusive of all taxes

Note: All dishes are small portions of the full size dish.




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