Coastal Cuisine From South India Festival at ITC Grand Central, Parel

Hornby’s Pavilion, the exclusive all day dining restaurant overlooking the courtyard “Millsquare” at ITC Grand Central, Parel is serving coastal delights from the southern coast of India in an eight day (July 8th to 15th) food promotion by Chef Harish specially flown in from Dakshin, Chennai.

Chef Harish is the face of Dakshin, the renowned Restaurant that celebrates the tastes of the South, at Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers, in Chennai.  Recently, Chef Harish’s contribution in designing special recipes for Autistic children, won him public appreciation and recognition.

Chef Harish

Chef Harish is a stickler for authenticity, which comes across evidently through his food. He insists on using freshly ground masala for all the food preparations. This is why the food tastes so good. Some of them even reminded me of my home town and my grandma’s cooking.  Apart from Konkan cuisine, the chef included some delicacies from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as well.

Talking about the food served, I got to sample some magnificent Appams. The live counter served Plain and Egg Appams with a Vegetable Stew. The stew is made of coconut milk and seasonal vegetables. All the flavours blend beautifully and make a hearty yet light dish.

Egg Appam and Plain Appam with Vegetable Stew

The Rasa Vada was served piping hot! Be careful before you dig in. The vada is super spongy which goes extremely well with the rasa.

Rasa Vada

Denji Curry (Crab Masala)

Crab Curry

This dish is brilliant if you like crab. The masala is well spiced with ginger, turmeric and chillies. Since they have used really nice and plump crabs for this dish, don’t be shy to use your fingers while eating. They actually want you to!

Thayer Sadham (Curd Rice)

Curd Rice

An all-time favourite! This humble dish tastes good on its own and goes well with the Chilli Curry too.

Nuggakai Bartad (Drumstick Masala)

Drumstick Masala

I love drumsticks! They are really good for your health so it’s an added bonus. It has a very thick sauce which delicious.

Meen Kaidina (Fried Fish)

Fried Fish

This dish is from Mangalore and I have it quite often at home. The fish is perfectly cooked. The rava coating on the outside makes it crisp. The masala is also quite delicate. I enjoy having this with lemon juice and a few onion rings.

Nei Kori (Chicken cooked with Cumin, Garlic and Ghee)

Ghee Chicken

This dish was packed with flavour! The chicken is cooked only in ghee making it a very rich tasting dish. I was a little disappointed with the texture of the chicken. It was dry for my liking.

Patchamilagai Mandi (Green Chilly Curry)

Green Chilly Curry

The chef highly recommended this dish and I really wasn’t disappointed. Don’t be scared by the name. The curry isn’t too spicy. It actually has a nice balance of flavours. I tried it with curd rice and it was delicious!

Parripu Curry (Moong Dal Curry)

Porrippu Curry

This is a simple yet delicious dish. You can actually taste the moong dal. The dish also has been tempered well. Try it with Tomato Rice.

Chemeen Pal Curry (Prawns cooked in Cashew Paste and Coconut Milk)

Prawn in Coconut Curry

I am salivating just thinking about this dish! Think of it like your favourite Kerala Prawn Curry ON CRACK! Have it with a simple naan or with rice, you will not be disappointed.

Ennai Katrikai (Tangy Eggplant Curry)

Tangy Egg Plant Curry

Even if you don’t like eggplant, try it. You might be blown away with the flavour. The peanut based gravy is delicious!

Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

This is a comfort food and the chef has managed to maintain its integrity. It is tangy and flavoured well. The rice is also very well cooked.

Alleppey Fish Curry (Pomfret Curry)

Alleppey Curry

I really believe that fish curry tastes better when fresh fish is used in it with the bone. The bone actually adds in more flavour. Any fish lover would agree with me on this. This curry is well spiced and made with fresh masala. Get ready to experience something phenomenal!

The menu changes every day and the chef has handpicked each of the dishes. This is a great way to sample the exotic cuisine of the South. Apart from the Festival menu, they even serve Oriental and Continental cuisine.

I recommend going there and experiencing the glorious South Indian cuisine. You will not regret it!

Price: Rs. 1800 + taxes

ITC Grand Central
287, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road,
Parel, Mumbai400012

Tel. no.: 022 2410 1010


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  1. Superb work, A! very well written… Cannot wait to try it out! Everything looks absolutely amazing and I agree with you 100% about cooking with fresh fish that too on the bone. Same goes with me for meats as well 🙂 Loved the post and the pics!

  2. PR Pundit says:

    Hi, pls share your email ID so we can invite you for reviews.

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