Bagelwala, Bandra (W)

Over the last few months, I’ve tried making bagels twice and failed at it miserably. This obsession with bagels started when my boyfriend described his experience eating it while he was in the States. So, I looked up several recipes on how to make the perfect bagel. What I eventually ended up with was just a batch of rock hard bagels.

Bagelwala, Bandra (W)

Anyway, after hanging up my apron (at least for bagels), I was informed about this great little place called Bagelwala in Bandra. If any of you remember, Bagelwala had a little stall at NH7 last year in Pune. So, yesterday, we decided to visit this joint to try some of their “New York style Bagels”.

Tucked away in the little lanes of Bandra, you need to keep your eyes peeled or else you’ll miss the board.

Walk in and you will be welcomed with a warm smile. The old school décor is quite nice too!

With fresh bagels displayed on the counter, you will be spoilt for choice.

Fresh Bagels

They serve breakfast so you can choose from their egg and bacon bagel or simply order up any of the bagels with a spread of your choice.

First up, I ordered the Chicken Jalapeno Herb Bagel.

Chicken Jalapeno – Rs. 220

It has thinly sliced chicken and vegetables with mayo and jalapeno cream cheese. Flavour-wise I was quite satisfied with the portion of what was in between the bagel. What I wasn’t happy about was how thin the bagel was. I would have liked it a little thicker.

Next I ordered the Classic BLT Onion Bagel

Classic BLT  – Rs. 280

Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo and tomato garlic sauce. I was hoping for a generous portion of bacon in my sandwich. All I got was crushed up bacon. Maybe next time, I’ll ask them to keep the slices of bacon whole.

For drinks we ordered their fresh Homemade Honey Sweetened Lemonade and Fresh Muskmelon Juice. Both were delicious. You can order a pitcher of it if you stay there for longer. It’s a good deal!

Just before leaving, I saw a tray full of fresh bagels that came straight out of the oven. This called for a sampling of the fresh Sesame Bagel with Onion Chive cream cheese.

Sesame Bagel with Onion Chive Cream Cheese – Rs. 90

The fresh bagel was delicious with a generous layer of cream cheese. Incredibly satisfying!

Overall, I had a really good meal and was quite stuffed by the end of it. A glass of Muskmelon juice was great to wash it all down.

There are some things they can work upon:

  1. I hope they make thicker bagels.
  2. Ask them not to toast the bagel too much.
  3. Ask them not to crush the bacon into tiny pieces.

There’s also a special deal for you if you are keen on having bagels at home. You can order 13 assorted bagels with one 250g tub of cream cheese. You can choose from the list of cream cheese they have to offer. All this for only Rs. 900! Works up to 70 bucks a pop.

How to store 13 bagel?!

  • Freeze the bagels and they can stay for a week
  • Wrap in paper and store at room temperature – stays for two days.

Order them for yourself or split it with someone. It’s not a bad deal!

So here were my views on Bagelwala. Do let me know if you try anything else.

Crowne Palace, Near Queens Market,
Behind Tawa Restaurant,
23rd Road, Bandra( West)
Tel.: 022 33789960

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