AD Studio Presents Interactive Cooking Class By Chef Rahul Akerkar

Architectural Digest magazine organized a wonderful event with Chef Rahul Akerkar to tie in their September/October ‘Kitchen Special’ theme. I had announced this event on my blog a few weeks ago asking people to register. It’s a great opportunity to meet culinary experts like Chef Akerkar and learn his signature dishes.

So, on a Saturday afternoon under a gazebo at Indigo, we all settled in to watch Chef Akerkar do what he does best. He cooked some of his new dishes on the Indigo menu and showed how easy it is to make them at home.

Some people even volunteered to try cooking those dishes alongside Chef Rahul and came up with pretty impressive replicas.

Freshest of ingredients were used in the making of these dishes. I saw some exquisite herbs, mushrooms and seafood. It’s a dream to have a kitchen with a pantry that stores all these ingredients. (One day, Anisha. One day.)

What I like about such events is that you get to interact and learn from experts in a very open environment. You also meet people who share similar interest which then just adds to the whole experience.

I learnt something very important from Chef Rahul that day. You can so many kinds of alcohol in food. I’ve cooked with wine a lot. But, vodka, tequila and cognac are a different ball game. It was a perfect afternoon – Sangrias, Chef Rahul Akerkar and the delicious food. I’m sure I’ll try some of the dishes soon and be fearless when cooking gourmet dishes.

Here are the recipes of the dishes we cooked. Try them and let me know how it was.

  1. Trio of Tarter
  2. Seafood Ceviche with Bacon Popcorn
  3. Spanish Frittata
  4. Asparagus Mousse with Asparagus Tips and Red Pepper Jam
  5. Mushoom and Almond Pate with Pan roasted Mushrooms
  6. Roasted Artichoke, Fennel and Lemon 

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