Purani Dilli Ka Zaika, Copper Chimney

The narrow lanes of Old Delhi are dotted with eateries that have been around for decades. These eateries have developed their own signature dishes over the years. People throng at the entrance and eat the scrumptious food while they enjoy conversations with other patrons. Old Delhi is a melting pot of people from different faiths. The food they eat reflects the same. From chaats to kebabs, this is the place to go to if you’re in the mood for a gastronomic adventure.

So, bringing in the flavor of Purani Dilli to Bombay is Copper Chimney. This month, the chefs at Copper Chimney have created a special menu of most of the delicious offering of Old Delhi.

Copper Chimney

With a mix of spices, flavours and old heritage, Copper Chimney is offering an array of dishes legendary dishes.


Raj Kachori Chaat – Rs. 125/-

Raj Kachori Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chole – Rs. 120/-

Aloo Tikki Chole

Both the chaats were flavourful with ample amount of chutney. I loved the curd on the aloo tikki chaat. It’s a sin to not try them.


Chawri Bazar Ke Kathi Kebab – Rs. 225/-

Paneer Ka Tukda – Rs. 315/-

Kathi kebab was perfect. There was barely any oil in it. I love how crisp the roti was on the outside. Very different from the kathi kebabs I’ve eaten elsewhere. Paneer was very fresh and soft. It was treated perfectly with the spices and cooked to perfection. Overcooked paneer can be quite bad. This one was done just right.

Tali Machchli – Rs. 400/-

Dilli Ki Seekh – Rs. 490/-

Murg boti – Rs. 350/-

Out of the three, I really liked the seekh. The amount of spices was just right and meat was really tender. Oh so tender! The problem with murg boti was seasoning. There were parts of it which were a little too salty. Tali machchli was good too.

Main Course :

Aloo Rasedar – Rs. 250/-

Aloo Rasedar with Khameeri roti

This is a lovely potato dish for vegetarians. Even as a non-vegetarian I enjoyed the spicy, tangy flavor of it.

Peethi Ki Puri – Rs. 70/-

It looks like a normal puri but once you tear it open, you will be surprised. The puri is stuffed with lentils and spices. It was really delicious and tastes brilliant with aloo rasedar.

Chowk Ke Chole – Rs. 250/-

The description mentions that it has imli ki chutney it. I really couldn’t find that. Overall this dish lacked the tanginess and punch. It was craving a little bit of zest. On the plus side, I appreciate that it was the right colour and the chick peas were well cooked.

 Khubani Kofta – Rs. 315/-

Khubani Kofta

Too sweet. The raisins in the kofta didn’t work for me.

Murg Changezi – Rs. 430/

The chicken drumstick was a little too dry for my liking. The gravy it was cooked in was really flavourful but not extraordinary. Somewhat reminded me of my mom’s Sunday Chicken Curry.

Khameeri Roti – Rs. 70/-

This bread was fantastic. It is leavened whole wheat flat bread and goes well with any gravy dish. The texture is perfect to mop up every last bit of gravy on your plate. No wonder it’s an Old Delhi special.

Jama Masjid Ka Gosht Korma – Rs. 450/-

Jama Masjid Ka Gosht Korma

Avoid! All I could taste was fat. The gravy wasn’t too great either.

Masala Machchi – Rs. 440/-

I love fish. This was very different from the kind I usually eat. Do try it.

Pathanwadi Ka Afghani Pulao – Rs. 440/-

Pathanwadi Ka Afghani Pulao

The flavor of the pulao was good. Once again, the meat wasn’t cooked too well. If you still want to eat it, have it with raita.


Pista Malai Kulfi Falooda – Rs. 165/-

Pista Malai Kulfi Falooda

Too sweet!

Kesari Phirni & Kalakand – Rs. 165/-

Kesari Phirni & Kalakand

Love! Love! Love! It was so delicious!

After this hearty meal, my table ended up looking like this.

The after-math

Would I recommend this place? Yes. But remember to keep plenty of cash ready for it. It can be an expensive affair.

However, if you’re still okay with it, go ahead and feast, Old Delhi style.

Note: Each of the dishes is individually priced. The food festival is on till 10th October at all Copper Chimney outlets across the city.


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