Prix Fixe Lunch Menu at Indigo, Colaba

On a Saturday afternoon, what I really look forward to is a delicious meal and a good conversation with friends. That’s exactly what happened last Saturday. As you know, a few weeks ago, Chef Rahul Akerkar introduced the new menu at Indigo. The new menu boasts of unique styles and techniques of cooking. In order to celebrate this unique menu, Indigo, one of India’s premier restaurants recently started a Prix Fixe Lunch Menu.

What’s a ‘prix fixe’ menu?

Well, it’s a meal served at a fixed price. Usually, the words ‘prix fixe’ are associated with a multiple course meal, such as a four-course prix fixe dinner or a three-course prix fixe lunch. A three-course prix fixe meal typically consists of an appetizer, a main dish or entrée, and dessert. This is precisely what Indigo has started serving up.

So, as I walked into the beautiful restaurant, I only hoped for the best food to be put in front of me.

Fresh Assorted Bread Basket

First Course:

Caramelized Atlantic Scallops with Confit Lamb (Onion soubise, saffron spuma)

Caramelized Atlantic Scallops

I loved the scallops! They were perfectly cooked. The confit lamb was moist and extremely flavourful. The onion soubise paired very well with the soft cooked egg. This was a sure winner.

Second Course:

Pan Roasted Red Snapper (Crab dumpling, curried spinach, coconut lime sauce)

Pan Roasted Red Snapper

Continuing the seafood frenzy, I ordered this next wonderful dish. The fish filet was generous and the coconut lime sauce was delicate and citrusy. The best part about this dish was the crab dumplings. The filling was meaty and flavourful with just the right amount of heat. My only complaint with the dish was that it lacked salt. Just a little bit would have lifted the flavours.

Third Course:

Chocolate Raspberry Meringue Tart (Vanilla sabayon)

Chocolate Raspberry Meringue Tart

Upon reading the name of the dish, I pictured a rich chocolate tart dotted with plump raspberries. But when the dish arrived, I was a little confused. I couldn’t see the raspberries on the tart. When I cut into the crunchy tart, I could see the gooey goodness. The rich chocolate was combined with a raspberry jam. When I ate the tart on its own, it was a little too rich for my taste buds. But when eaten with the vanilla sabayon, it tastes absolutely divine. My only problem – no fresh raspberries.


In addition to the three course meal, I took the liberty of ordering an extra dessert and two cocktails.

Kokum Cooler

Kokum Cooler

This was really refreshing and perfect after walking in the sweltering heat.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine

I didn’t like it too much because it was way too strong for me.

Dulce de leche Ice Cream

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

I could just dive into the ice cream and use the biscuit as a float. The biscuit was extremely flaky and melt-in-your-mouth.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. The ambience and company just added to the whole experience. Would I go back? Surely!

Price : Rs. 1320/- inclusive of taxes


4, Mandalik Road,
Colaba, Mumbai.


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