Pizza Express

I was very close to disliking pizzas in this city. These terrible pizza places add everything from paneer to pasta on a pizza! What kind of people like eating this c**p? With so many pukeworthy pizza chains here, I had lost all hopes of finding a good and authentic pizza.

Anyway, now that you all know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the newest pizza place in town. This place is the real deal. They have great pizzas and a great story too. It is probably the most entertaining pizza place I’ve ever been to.

Fresh pizzas at Pizza Express

I was over the moon when they called me to be a part of their event. There were so many things about this pre-launch event that I liked.  Here they are:

1. Location

Pizza Express is located beautifully in Apollo Bunder. To the right is the bustling Colaba Causeway and to the left is the beautiful Gateway of India. Dhanraj Mahal creates the perfect place to have this art deco inspired restaurant.

Pizza Express, Mumbai
Pizza Express, Mumbai
Photo courtesy: Mumbai Boss

2. Interiors

Pizza Express has great interiors.




3. Open kitchen

There’s nothing to hide in this kitchen. They have a flash oven and that’s all they need to make the pizza. No microwaves in here.

The oven in which the pizzas are flash cooked

4. They don’t start without you

The pizzaiolos respect the ingredients. All the vegetables are sliced the same day and are really fresh. So, when the restaurant opens, the ingredients are sliced and diced right then.

Pepperoni Pizza in the making

5. Pizzaiolos

These people are extremely energetic. They have the skills and the thrills to keep all their customers happy. They will sing for you, they will dance for you, they will toss the dough for you, they will make the best pizza for you, all with a 440 V smile. These guys love their job. They were trained for 12 weeks to earn that black and white striped uniform. Only those who complete the training can wear that uniform.

The people behind the pizza - Pizzaiolos of Pizza Express
The people behind the pizza – Pizzaiolos of Pizza Express


  • 6. The Pizza

Here’s the star of Pizza Express. They have the freshest pizza in town. As mentioned before, they prepare the vegetables the same day. The base is made with a particular flour and they follow their secret recipe for it. The pizza sauce is prepared by a family in Italy. This sauce is imported from them and it tastes oh so good! The sauce is the highlight.






7. G

  • one for a toss

Here we are trying our hand at tossing the dough. It’s not as easy as they made it look.

The expert tossers
The experts at work
Guests trying their hands at dough tossing
Guests trying their hands at dough tossing


8. Dude, where’s my pizza?

After watching these experts make pizzas after pizzas, each one of the attendees made their own pizza. So much fun!

Busy making our own pizzas
Busy making our own pizzas


My Pizza a.k.a. Sakura Pizza
My Pizza a.k.a. Sakura Pizza


9. Look ma, I got the stripes!

After a crash course in making and understanding the masters behind Pizza Express, we all got the striped t-shirt to take home. Along with the t-shirt we got a sample of the pizza sauce, a few gift vouchers and a beautiful cloth bag.


10. Fantastic Experience

In the end, we all had a great time. I’m definitely going back for more.




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