The Coup Card by brown paper bag

The Coup Card - a brown paper bag property
The Coup Card – a brown paper bag property

Have you been visiting a restaurant only during happy hours because there is no way in hell you can afford to binge drink or eat there otherwise? Have you ever shopped at a gourmet store and fainted at the billing counter? There is something here to save you guys from these mini heart attacks.

Our favourite lifestyle portal brown paper bag ( in partnership with Poppy Fields has launched The Coup Card (, an exclusive card that gets you a 15% discount on food and alcohol (including happy hours and set meals) at their favourite 15 restaurants in Mumbai.

Their partner vendors include a list of carefully curated restaurants, bars and gourmet stores in Bombay.

Want to know which places you can flash your Coup Card?

  1. Blue Frog
  2. Busaba
  3. Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets
  4. Indigo Deli
  5. JamJar
  6. Le Pain Quotidien
  7. Neel
  8. Olive Bar & Kitchen
  9. Sancho’s
  10. Serafina
  11. Sundance Café
  12. Suzette
  13. The Table
  14. The Yoga House
  15. Veda

Isn’t that an impressive list?

Now all you have to do is purchase the Coup Card today (January 22, 2013) at the flash sale on

The card is priced at Rs. 400 a month. You have to get the card for six months so it’s available at Rs. 2400 for 6 months starting February 15, 2013. And during this period, the card can be used unlimitedly!

Limited cards available. So HURRY!


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