Couple of the Week at The Barking Deer – Week Three

This is week three of The Barking Deer’s incredible offer. For those of you who don’t know what this offer is, here’s a recap. Chef Parag and I tasted some of their hottest selling dishes and paired it with one beer. This combination of one main dish and one beer will be available at a discounted price at TBD for one week only. So last week they had the Pilsner Drowned Lamb Shanks paired with Leffe Blond.

This week you will get to try…

Spinach and Mushroom Crepes with Schneider Weisse

The food: Be prepared to be stuffed by this deceptively large portion of spinach and mushroom crepes with a corn and cheese gratin. It is generous, creamy and flavoured just right.

Spinach Mushroom Crepes
Spinach Mushroom Crepes

The beer: Love Schneider Weisse! It has a murky red colour and has a fluffy head. This wheat beer has hints of banana and a good bitterness from the hops. At the very end, you’ll enjoy hints of caramel too. It’s absolutely delicious.

Schnieder Weisse
Schnieder Weisse

Match made in heaven: Pairing this beer with the crepes works really well. The rich creamy flavour of the crepes tend to get heavier with each bite. What Schneider Weisse does is cleans your palate and prepares your taste buds for another hit of the crepes. The hoppy bitterness is really refreshing too.

How much: Rs.899 plus taxes

Offer valid until: 25th August, 2013


The Barking Deer

Mathuradas Mills Compound,

Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013.


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