Le Pain Quotidien, Powai


In 2012, my partner and I visited Le Pain Quotidien in BKC and had a fantastic meal. We still talk about the roast beetroot salad and the tartines. A few days ago, I visited the Powai outlet of Le Pain Quotidien to try some of their new dishes. Due a bit of a mix-up, I thought it was a tasting so I took a friend of mine along. Upon reaching the restaurant, I found out that it was in fact a blogger’s meet. With an apology in my eyes, I looked at my friend and decided to start our meal without the others. We did have a long way back home so we wanted to wrap up early. Two courses in, I saw Amrita Rana walk in with her husband. I asked her to join us and found out that she got her husband along because she too (just like me) thought that it was a tasting. Soon after, two more people joined us. So there we were, three bloggers and three plus ones. The six of us had a fantastic time and loads of conversations.

Le Pain Quotidien in BKC and Colaba have the same look. The light wood furniture, community table, and dessert counter near the entrance is standard LPQ in Powai is on the first floor of the Rodas Hotel. As you walk in, you will find a little reading/work nook with a small library. There is even a lounge area with couches and a deep red curtain to add a bit of glam. These two things are new additions and the owners of LPQ said they wanted to rope in newer audience with the help of this. I give the library corner two thumbs up! Also, the slate pillars look very chic.

LPQ often reinvents its menu and introduces seasonal dishes. It has been quite nippy for a few days so a winter special menu was justified. Signature tartines were the first things to arrive at our table. My favourite was the red bean hummus tartine with ricotta, and the smoked chicken with jalapeño. The crusty breads were toasted and smeared with butter before being bejewelled with delicious toppings. I have been a fan of salads at LPQ but the strawberry fig salad with assorted salad leaves was screaming for something salty. Maybe the dish could have been saved with shaved parmesan.

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Next came our turn to try the main course. Between the four of us, we tried three non-veg and one vegetarian dish. Except the chicken, everything else was spot on. The chicken was a tad bit flavourless (but beautifully crisp on the outside) served with a white bean cassoulet. The fish was flavoured with Indian spices and the Indian flavours echoed even in the cous cous upma. I wasn’t a big fan of the upma, but the fish was delicious. The best one was the lamb stew with ricotta dumpling. The meaty stew hit the spot and warmed me up immediately. On the dessert front I was disappointed with the blackberry tart (the tart shell was more like a cookie) and the brownie. Christmas Pudding (yes, Christmas 2013) was boozy and chock full of nuts.

I’m glad that Powai can now enjoy a relaxed and more international vibe of Le Pain Quotidien on their turf. If you’re in that area, drop in and order a few tartines and a glass of sangria (absolutely delicious).

P.S. – They have opened a kiosk in Indiabulls Finance Centre as well.

Le Pain Quotidien
1st Floor, Hotel Rodas,
Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai, Mumbai – 400076
Call – 02266713030

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