Punjab Grill Winter Menu, Juhu (13th to 19th January, 2014)

Shakarkandi Kamrakh Ki Chaat
Shakarkandi Kamrakh Ki Chaat

Winter is all about comfort food – root vegetables, meaty stews, sigree grilled naans, and heart-warming desserts. To pay tribute to traditional winter cuisine, Punjab Grill, Juhu in Mumbai is serving a limited period only Winter Special Menu (from 13th to 19th January). The menu was tried first at the restaurant’s Delhi outlet. Seeing the way it was received in the capital, Punjab Grill has made its way to Mumbai with this menu.

Kaali Gajar “Kaanji”   195

72 hour earthen pot matured tangy black carrot juice

Shakarkandi Kamrakh Ki Chaat   225

Apple wood smoked sweet potato and star fruit tossed in sweet and sour tamarind

Kharode Ka Shorba    225

Gently Simmered Lamb Trotter soup tempered with fenugreek

Chukandar ke kebab    395

Crisp Beetroot kebabs, hung curd and pine nut stuffing

Bheja Massala    495

Sautéed Lamb brain with freshly roasted garam masalas

Tabak maas   575

Succulent lamb ribs simmered in fennel flavoured milk, finished on tava

Methi chicken tikka   495

Char grilled chicken tikka infused with fresh fenugreek

Punjab Grill Deg “HOT POT”    695

Punjab Grill’s signature Hot Pot with mutton kofta, mutton jus & winter vegetables

Sarson Da Saag     495

Chef Gurpreet’s signature blend of slow simmered, hand pounded mustard and winter green with dollops of white butter

Makkai Tava roti   125

Bahurangi biryani    595

Flavour full Basmati Rice cooked on dum with winter Vegetables

Gurh Wale Chawal   225

Jaggery sweetened basmati flavoured with black cardamom & fennel coconut chips, homemade vanilla ice cream

Bajre ki Choori   225

Grandma Style pearl millet roti and jiggery crumble lotus seeds and chiroli nuts

Age old recipes have been recreated by Chef Gurpreet Singh and they will take you on an exciting culinary journey. Kaali Gaajar Kaanji is a matured tangy black carrot juice that acts as an appetizer to your meal. Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki Chaat is smoked with apple wood and taken to completely different level. The crispy and creamy Chukandar ke Kebab is a wonderful play of textures and absolutely delightful. Hung curd is mixed with beetroot and pine nuts and cooked to crispy perfection.

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Main course is nothing short of spectacular. The traditional Tabak Maas is cooked in simmering fennel infused milk and finished off on a tawa. This meaty dish is served with chaat masala and a light radish and walnut raita. You simply cannot stop at just one. There is a choice of Sarson da Saag and Bheja Masala to please vegetarians and non-vegetarians both. But, you cannot miss out on the PUNJAB GRILL DEG “HOT POT” – a Punjab Grill signature Hot Pot with mutton kofta, mutton jus, and winter vegetables. It’s just perfect. To finish off this meal, you must try the Gurh Wale Chawal – fragrant basmati rice sweetened with jaggery, coconut, black cardamom, served with vanilla ice cream.

Here’s a note from Chef Gurpreet Singh of Punjab Grill:

Chef Gurpreet Singh on the special winter menu at Punjab Grill.jpg


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