Songkran Food Festival at San:Qi, Four Seasons Hotel

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice

The festival of Songkran will be celebrated in Thailand on April 13 and San:Qi at Four Season Hotel has come up with a special menu to celebrate this festival. Adapted from the Indian festival of Sankranti, it is their version of New Year. The food festival is on until April 15 at San:Qi. The traditional feast is very summery and fresh. Since it happens in April, the locals use water to play a colour-free Holi to cool off and get relief from the summer heat. It’s amazing how similar this festival is to ours. Here’s a little more about Songkran:

Songkran brings Thailand together in a country-wide New Year gala. Thais and tourists alike flit from one bedecked street to another, with containers of water and water guns. The joy is palpable as Thais carrying bowls of beige coloured talc mixed with water (or sometimes rose-scented water) smear their contents on the faces of passersby in a symbolic blessing for the year to come. The festival has become a reason for tourists from all over the world to visit Thailand during April to partake in celebrations and undergo a cultural immersion. People celebrating Songkran in traditional Buddhist fashion may visit a wat (Buddhist monastery) to pray and offer food to monks. In many cities, such as Chiang Mai, which is said to be where the festival originated, Buddha sculptures from important monasteries are paraded through the city so that people can toss water at them. In northern Thailand, people often transport handfuls of sand to a nearby wat to ritually compensate for the dirt that they have carried away on their feet during the rest of the year. The sand is then molded into stupa-like piles and adorned with multicoloured paper flags.”

So, yesterday Kasturi (@Iam_Leyzee) and I visited this beautiful restaurant and escaped from the scorching heat. We found a table with rays of sunlight illuminating the white table cloth and got comfortable. It was perfect to take beautiful pictures. A glass of refreshing lychee coconut drink called Swan helped us get over the ordeal of getting a taxi from Kamala Mills. The delicious drink had hums of lemongrass that was so welcoming.

The simple menu specially created by Chef Seefah is not overwhelming. Three vegetarian and four non vegetarian options are what you get to choose from.  Each dish uses fresh ingredients and traditional Thai flavours. Lemon grass, thai chillis were just the beginning. What I personally love about Thai food is the focus on balance of sweet, sour, salty and hot flavours. The delightful play on your palate will make you crave Thai food once you’ve tried it. This happened with me when I tried the seared tuna with the spicy salad. The fresh salad was juicy and went so well the tuna. The braised eggplant and silken tofu dish had just enough broth to lightly flavour the sticky rice. Stir fried scallops with a lemon grass sauce hit our senses with a wonderful fragrance of lemon grass. we couldn’t have enough of it. Lastly, the mango sticky rice was the perfect end to our meal. First mango of the season over a mound of sticky rice moistened with coconut milk – it was heaven.

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Four Seasons Hotel, 114, Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli,Mumbai, 400018
Call: 022 24818000 / 24818333 /22 24818001

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