Singaporean Lunch at San:Qi

IMG_20141030_123032Yesterday I ate lunch at San:Qi, Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel is close to work so when I found out about them having a Singaporean food promotion, I had to try it. Chef Khoo Keng Hoon from their Singapore property is visiting Mumbai and they decided to take him away from all the paperwork and work his magic in the kitchen. He has been taking care of the award winning restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun in Singapore for over a decade and when you know a chef like that is in town, you cannot help yourself.

We ate a beautiful lunch at the sun-filled restaurant and sipped on a delicious pomegranate and lemongrass cooler. It reminded me of the lychee coconut lemongrass drink I had in April at their Songkran Food Festival. I absolutely loved their seared scallops which sit pretty on a bed of asparagus and broccoli. The crowning glory was the stir fried assorted mushroom, onions, chilli, and dried variants of scallops and shrimps. Give me a bowl of rice and this dish and I’ll be a happy girl. For mains we tried one of Singapore’s national dishes: Hainanese chicken rice. I loved how the water used to cook the chicken was later used to cook rice and served as a broth with the final dish. For desserts they have deep fried flat noodles with honey and ice cream but we tried their sago pudding which had some honey, coconut milk and berry compote.

Just to give you a heads up, Chef Khoo is open for requests and if you dine at San:Qi and are really craving Singaporean Crabs or anything else, just let them know and he will make it for you. He’s at the restaurants till 12th November so make a reservation soon.

It’s always a pleasure eating at San:Qi.



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