Making Macarons at La Folie

1969347_1031266583556160_4328859702917477754_nSweet-toothed folks are going to love this one. March 20 is celebrated as World Macaron Day and La Folie is hopping on board the merry making with a special day for all macaron fans. La Folie opened their second store at Palladium Mall just in time for this mega event. Tomorrow, they’ll be selling only macarons from 10.30 am to 11.30 pm to celebrate the existence of this gorgeous dessert. The sale proceeds will be donated to charity, which is another reason why you should be there. The team contacted me a few weeks ago to be a part of this events with a cause. They’ve roped in other food enthusiasts such as Rushina Munshaw, Mini Ribeiro, and Mumbai Foodies to create signature flavours of macarons which will be sold on World Macaron Day. Yesterday we went to La Folie’s central kitchen to wear our aprons and do some R&D.
11012587_822498621162826_2847477938254124536_nAfter a lesson on macaron making by Chef Sanjana, we went ahead and made our macarons from scratch. My Guava Chilli Macaron is an ode to the guavas I ate outside my school. The macaron is a gorgeous pink with delicious guava ganache. I’ve added some red chilli, sea salt, pepper and orange zest to add more punch to the filling. A final flourish of pink glitter just makes it look more glamorous. Rushina worked on a mouth-watering Mirchi Kairi Macaron that’s got specks of chilli-kairi in the centre. Mini’s Lavendar Macaron is the J.Lo of all macarons with a blingy finish and lavender buds. Mumbai Foodies have made a Mumbai Taxi Macaron with a dual coloured shell with bacon, maple syrup and cream cheese.

Drop in at La Folie’s Kala Ghoda and Palladium Mall stores tomorrow and ask for our signature flavours.

Piping is serious business


Macaron shells fresh out of the oven


Rushina with her macaron (Thanks for the image, Rushina!)


The final product – Guava Chilli Macaron



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