Photolog: Universal Studios Singapore

Being an avid fan of movies, Universal Studios was high on my list of things I wanted to do in Singapore. The thrill of rides, being a child all over again interacting with some of my favourite movie characters, experiencing a theme park for the first time outside of India was all very exciting. My day started off with a slight downpour. Weather in Singapore is as unpredicatable as it can be and I woke up to a grey sky. On my way to Sentosa Island–where the park actually is–the weather started to look better. Now to tell you a bit about my pass to Universal Studios. If you book your tickets to Singapore on you are entitled to a one of the three things – one day pass to Universal Studios Singapore, Executive Set Lunch at Punjab Grill, or Singapore Flyer Moet Chandon Experience. They’ve got a truckload of other deals that you should know of to make your stay absolutely fantastic.
IMG_20150418_110954The park is divided into seven zones – Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, Sci Fi City, Madagascar, and Far Far Away. Each zone has its own set of rides, meet & greet, dining and shopping options. Here’s some information you need if you end up missing the offer and decide to buy your own pass.

– One day pass costs $54 (ages 4 to 12), $74 (ages 13 to 59), and $36 (above 60 years). The one day pass is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. It allows you entry to the park and access to all the rides.
– In addition to the day pass, you can purchase an Express Pass which helps you skip regular queues and cuts down on your wait time at all the rides.
– You can purchase a multi-park pass which gives you 10% savings.

For more details on all their plans and booking details, click here.

TINYPLANET_PANO_20150418_112151Tips for first-timers

IMG_20150418_120447Singapore is hot and humid all year round.  Universal Studios is massive so you need to do all you can to keep yourself comfortable. I wore my trusty leggings, a loose white shirt, and flats. That was my idea of comfort. I saw a lot of people, especially Indians, wearing uncomfortable clothes, carrying big bags stuffed with cookies, jackets and many such unnecessary things. All you need is a mid-size bag with hair ties, sunglasses, flip-flops (I’ll tell you why), water bottle, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and maybe a small umbrella. If you’re the kind who loves picking up souvenirs, carry a small foldable bag to dump everything inside before you leave.

Ride cheats
A ride typically has two queues – Regular and Single. A regular queue is typically long so to avoid that, I would go to the single rider queue and sit with some random people on rides. That’s okay, it’s not like you need to have long conversation with your friends while sitting on the ride. You can get away with this only if you act smartly.

As I said earlier, there are lots of dining options here. I’d heard about a Malaysian Street Food Court and decided to check it out for lunch. It’s a bit away from the rides but totally worth the effort. Penang Assam Laksa ($5.50) is a perfect bowl of rice noodles with a broth made of tamarind, chilli, onions, prawn paste, galangal, sardines, dried shrimp cake, and no meat. With that you must try the KL Hokkein Mee ($6.50) which is rice noodles with soy and prawns.

Must try rides

Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle: Hands down the best ride with best 3D visuals and effects.
Lights, Camera, Action!: An empty sound stage becomes a stage for host Steven Spielberg to show the tricks of movie magic.
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase: Just because it’s for kids shouldn’t make it boring.
Revenge of the Mummy: Indoor roller coaster with fire and all sorts of scary
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: River raft ride so wear a raincoat and flip-flops. If not your body, your feet will definitely get soaked.
Water World Show: Stunts, lots of laughs and water.






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