Nature Trail at Thonikadavu Hills, Kerala

IMG_20150628_131245-01During my short stay in Kerala, I spent half a day exploring a gorgeous, family owned property at Thonikadavu Hills. It is #2 on the list of things to do in Kasargod, Kerala. The three hour trek started off with an hour and a half drive from the Lalit Resort at Bekal. Armed with my newly acquired Decathlon wellingtons and umbrellas courtesy the hotel, I was ready to take on my first ever trek. We met Ratnakaran (Ratu) whose family owns the 25 acre land spread across rolling hills and various plantations. We used our umbrellas as walking sticks and tread along a lush green nature trail.
IMG_20150628_111314-01IMG_20150628_102120-02 IMG_20150628_113718-02
Everywhere I looked, I saw nothing but greenery. We saw guava trees, pepper plants, chilli, coconut plantations, perfectly lined betel nut trees, nilgiri forests, rivulets, and waterfalls. Ratu was a great guide. He’s been taking small groups like ours on day trips for a while now so he knows where to get the best pictures and shows all the things he’s learnt from living there. The entire property has a network of caves made to access aquifer i.e. underground water. That water is then utilised to irrigate all the plantations in the area. Ratu took us inside one of these marvellous caves. Even at an average height of 5ft 5in, I had to hunch as we crept deeper and deeper into the cave.
IMG_20150628_110132-01 IMG_20150628_121747-02 IMG_20150628_121344-01As the afternoon sun went high up, we ate freshly picked guavas and coconut water while frolicking under a gushing waterfall. After cooling off, we marched towards the base of the hill where we spent some moments reflecting on nature by the river. No, I’m kidding. We just took some more pictures and caught our breath because we had to walk up a hill to make our way back to Ratu’s house. A 45 minute walk uphill passing through rice paddies, more plantations and a construction site—for a home stay they plan on starting later this year—was good enough to work up an appetite. While I washed off the dirt under a cold shower, Ratu’s family was setting up the table for a hearty Kerala Sadya. We wolfed down the piping hot meal and bid goodbye to Ratu and his family.
IMG_20150628_134649-01This trek was arranged by the good people at the Lalit Resort Bekal. They sort out a car (Rs 6000) that took us to Thonikadavu and got us back to the resort. The trek cost Rs 2500 per person which included the guided nature trail, shower access and delicious home cooked lunch. Click here to get more information on Thonikadavu.


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  1. thonikavadu at kundamkuzhi kasaragod … nice picnic spot …

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