The Good Life with WowTables

IMG_20150818_151229I recently switched jobs. I spent my little break between my jobs catching up on sleep, drinking beer, making breakfast bowls and saying goodbye to dear friends (they’ve gone abroad for better opportunities). I’d say I was already living the good life. But things got better when WowTables started offering an indulgent day to celebrate their three year anniversary. This unique experience includes a decadent lunch, soothing foot spa followed by a round of drinks and appetizers at a bar. It’s a fun way to spend a relaxing time with a companion. While you enjoy yourself, WowTables takes care of all the reservations. Here’s how the Good Life panned out…

Lunch at Aqaba
IMG_20150818_152800 (1)
This experience includes an Uber promo code with offers Rs.300 off on four rides. My friend and I booked our cab and went to Aqaba in Lower Parel to try out the specially curated WowTables menu. Each of us could order one salad, one appetizer, main and dessert. A hearty meal of tabbouleh, pear salad and sheesh taouk later, we booked our second Uber to ferry us to the next experience.

Aqaba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Foot Spa at Four Fountains Spa
From Lower Parel we rode towards Bandra in our next Uber to visit Four Fountains Spa on Pali Naka. Each of us had a foot spa session booked. I wish it was in the same room, like a couple massage, so that we could have a conversation while being pampered. Also, my feet turned jelly (in a good way) after 30 minutes of foot massage.

Drinks at Tilt All Day
A good massage later we were not too keen on going back to Lower Parel for drinks and more food. 7 pm was a tad bit early to get drinks at a place like Tilt (which was empty by the way).  After Aqaba’s elaborate menu, we were disheartened with a limited choice of only three cocktails.

Tilt All Day Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Although the last leg was a bit of ho-hum, it’s a fun experience to try out if you want to spend some quality time with a friend. I also heard that they will have a several restaurants and bars to choose from pretty soon.


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